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Nature vs nurture study reveals societies, not women, give bad directions

Nature vs nurture study reveals societies, not women, give bad directions

Reading maps, parking cars, remembering directions – are men really better than women when it comes to spatial abilities. A recent report from the US sheds some light on a classic argument in the battle of the sexes. And the findings might be just what a male-dominated engineering industry needs to hear. Jamesina McLeod reports on the results.


Women are natural backstabbers?

It’s assumed that as soon as one woman leaves her group of friends, even for a moment, there will inevitably be whispering. ‘Did you hear?’ ‘Did she really?’

But is this assumption of gossip really true?

John Locke, a professor of linguistics at the Lehman College at the City University of New York thinks so.

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Who’s team are you on, anyway?

We’ve all done it.

Laughed at a ‘women belong in the kitchen’ joke. Commented snarkily about another girl’s weight. Enjoyed getting a wolf whistle for some ‘Yes, you are desirable’ validation. Bought a push-up bra.

And then feel terrible immediately afterwards, like we’ve betrayed our gender. Like we’ve let down the team and failed to stand up and shout the praises of women.

And instead, stood by passively. Or been the perpetrator of anti-women messages. Or caved in to pressure.

This isn’t about the big things. It’s the little things that make us ask ourselves, “Who’s team are you on, anyway?” Read the rest of this entry

Chandler is a strong, confident woman


A classic show, a classic scene – we hope you enjoy this as much as we do.



Are We All Sluts?

This October hundreds gathered at the Sydney Opera House to experience a lively discussion on this very issue – Are All Women Sluts – in light of this year’s worldwide SlutWalks. As a part of the lead up to this talk at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas, WomanOnTopOnline investigated how effective the SlutWalks were, when Australia’s young women are influenced by misguided representations of ‘womanhood’ and sexuality in the media, as well as the ‘club culture’ of Sydney. Can we really take back the word ‘slut’ when it has been riddled with negative connotations for centuries ?

Cara Novakovic reports.

Female authors written off

Female authors written off

Women are less likely to win literary awards, to write reviews of books or to have their books reviewed. Theses are some of the statistics that have inspired a new female-only literary prize and sparked fresh debate about the marginalisation of women in the arts. Jessica Golding reports.

Catch 22 for country birth

The Government’s hint at better maternity care in regional NSW has highlighted how poor the quality is now.

 Ellise Bosilkovski reports